Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Are you a "Citizen" of Cellufun? (1,000 or more Trophy Points) .... You can send a welcome message and FunFlirt to 3 new guests every 2 hrs.Just select the link "Find Newbie" found on your HP .... THIS IS WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE: .... Become a Buddy: "Welcome, Citizen Demonseed, to the Cellufun Buddy Center. Citizens come here to help new players with Cellufun. As a Citizen, you can welcome 3 players every two hours! Write your welcome message below,click 'send' and it will go to your newly adopted player and add you as their friend!" .... If you do NOT use this feature please add the following script in your Mentor.asp dialog box. .... CONTINUE FOR MY SCRIPT: .... My Mentor.asp animated script and dialog box with scroll bars ..... HERE IS THE HTML SCRIPT: .... Welcome 2 Cellufun <*div style="height:55px;width:222px;overflow:scroll;">Join<*blink>100% FREE<*/blink> AT: MobaMing<*i><*/i>le.com <*br>USE SECRET INVITE CODE: <*br><*blink>slychip7<*/blink><*br>Join with this code for Cellufun Secrets<*/div>Mentored by p/Demonseed. .... Note: Remove all the asterisk "*" marks. Code would not show without them, because scripting is allowed on this site. ....

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