Sunday, January 8, 2012

Faster Login Method pt. 2

            -Faster Login Method-

The URL: "..../Logout.asp?"
was shut down due to abuse of Multi-Pros.

The URL: ".../Login.asp?"
has become slow due to the millions of Multi-Pros from the SpaceWars game.

Note:If you have multiple profiles (Multi-Pros), you will need to set each one up with a unique Login Access <br>
(eg; Wap, Aol, m, Twitter, Facebook, Us, etc. )  <br>
You can alter your Access Name to be of anything you choose, but should be at least 2-3 characters long  <br>
(With the exception of "m.cellufun" which is for Mobile). <br>
I suggest you use a Alpha-Numerical List Style Format.  <br>
Although chances of issues are slim, you should always exclude command symbols in the Access Name like "@", "$", "%", "#", or extra periods "." or punctuation from the name to avoid it becoming misinterpreted by your specific device.

"x000" for drone000's Access
"x001" for drone001's Access
"x002" for drone002's Access
and continued in this pattern.
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