Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CF Contacts

THE FOLLOWING IS HOW YOU CAN CONTACT CELLUFUN EMPLOYEES OR PROGRAMMERS: .... Password Changes Contact: By Email:cirilo@cellufun.com By Cellufun Group: {CMPC} By Phone: Call 1 866 562 2394 or 646 289 5085 and leave your preferred password, spelled if necessary. .... For Cellufun Tech Support Contact:Support@cellufun.com .... For a huge headache contact Cellufun: Contact Employee Cellufun Here .... Link Tag: p/Cellufun .... Note: Although CF Emps can no longer interact with guests, you can contact any member of the group: {MOBb}The MOBileWars Beta Tester Group. Employees are Owner, Officers & Members of this group. The members can then do exactly what Ambassadors do & forward everything to the Employees. ....

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