Monday, January 9, 2012

JSI Cookie Injection

This is my Example Java Script Injection or JSI:


1) Go to any page on your browser that you want to inject.

2) Delete the Address bar, including the "HTTP://". This must be completely blank.

3) Input your JSI directly into the Address bar.

4) Select Go or hit Enter and Enjoy!

This Example Will Show Your Current Cookie Info, Your Current Email (if included) And Includes Your Current Session Info Found In Your Stored Cookies.

Why Do I Care About This?:

Some sites use this information to access your personal accounts. This is also how many sites and accounts get "Hacked". However using the session info to invalid an account is actually concidered "Leeching" and not true "Hacking".
More on "Leeching" can be found in this blog's Chapter Called "Leech-B-Gone".

                -HERE IS THE JSI-


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