Sunday, January 8, 2012

Leech-B-Gone pt. 2

      -Block wannabe hacker's access-

This Bend will ONLY work if your password is still safe.
If BOTH your Account & Password have been compromised, request a new password from
**This E-Mail has been abandoned due to the massive impact this Mini-Novel made in giving the site actuall security**
or attempt to contact Cellufun via site PM or by Phone.
(See Chapter: "Support Contact" in this Novel for more details)....Here are the directions:

Video Instructions Are Now On YouTube.


1) Enter this URL in your browser's address bar (Read "Tip"):

Tip: Use your actual "v=" instead of "v=12345678910". The "v=12345678910" should be manually altered after you submit the first URL that has your current "v="

Now Repeat this URL with "v=12345678910" & hit Refresh twice to ensure it set.

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